Do NOT Take This Road to El-Karama Reviews

Do NOT Take this Road to El-Karama by Chris Harvie made the Longlist for the Alan Paton Award in May 2009. There follow some excerpts from reviews received by the book:

The man is sharp and very funny, which makes for a wonderful read – Skyways Magazine

This book … is an impressive first work. He has a lively and humorous style and his travel narrative is gripping. His insights are often fascinating, always opinionated, usually hilarious –Justin Fox, Getaway

Harvie achieves an admirable balance between describing places, chatting to people, providing historical background and recounting entertaining anecdotes – Ina Randall, The Herald

Hilarious … A South African Bill Bryson – Pippa de Bruyn, Best Life

The delight for readers is in Harvie’s knack for picking out details and making them memorable. There are also so many characters that were only briefly introduced in the book, but their faces remain vivid in the imagination, painted by a few aptly chose words – Annette Bayne, The Citizen

It is also humorous, which helps on tough days in Africa – Vivien Horler, Cape Argus

He writes as one of us and it is amazingly different from reading the work of “outsiders” even those as brilliant as Paul Theroux – Ina Randall, The Herald

Along the way, he loses his travelling companions, his awning poles and on several occasions, his temper, but never his sense of humour. An opinionated and intelligent read – Pippa de Bruyn, Best Life.

A rollicking tale of adventure in eight African countries – so refreshing to read an hilarious uplifting book about Africa for a change – Caroline Hurry, Saturday Star.

You have to read this book. I loved it – Mike Mills, Classic FM

This book will definitely appeal to 4×4 enthusiasts and fans of quirky travel writing – Katherine Graham, Stud Breeder

Revel in the wonderful optimism of the Africans – Desiree Rorke, The Lowvelder

A different and refreshing take on writing about travel in Africa – Jenny Crwys-Williams, Talk Radio 702

This book saved my life one bored Saturday afternoon – Andrew Unsworth, editor Sunday Times Travel&Food

Dis die tipiese Pom-humorsin en sarkasme wat die boek so lekker laat lees … As jy die pad wil vat, vat hom gerus met Chris Harvie – Bakkies, Beeld

Quite unputdownable. Fantastic. Harvie can certainly write. Wonderful lyrical passages paint pictures that linger long in the mind – Anne Paton, widow of Alan Paton

HA, HA, HA HA HAAAH. Hi, my friend am laughing over the internet for your bright knowledge of how to make such a wonderfully book – Stephen Kazungu, barman, Kenya (by email to the author)

What a tour de force! I couldn’t put it down. I am ever so proud of you. I don’t think a Harvie has ever written a book before – Belinda Forster, aunt of the author (by email to the author)

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